In my last blog, I addressed how I compose the music for Potter’s Daughter. Today, I would like to share with you why I compose.

Endless Mountaintop ViewI passionately believe there is value for our communities, for our world, in art created by people who have devoted years to the study and practice of their craft. I support arts programs in schools and for children but also hope as a society we continue our interest in our collective culture by being active patrons of artistic expression created by adults.

Breathtaking SunsetI believe there is deep value in the experience of art and music, may it be a moment of joy or recognition of some personal truth, or a fleeting glimpse of beauty. Haven’t we all been moved in some way upon hearing a song or a symphony? Isn’t that short moment incredibly, breathtakingly beautiful?

Dyanne Voegtlin Potter composingIt might seem crazy to devote so much time, energy, and money into creating something which vanishes into thin air the moment it is created.

But, oh, that moment!

I strive to make that one moment truly as beautiful as possible. Because in that one moment, someone might forget their troubles, feel that tug in their heart, be moved to tears, or they may just smile. That is the gift of music, hidden in that one, fleeting moment.


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